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Accio Maus, Specializing in Silver & Smoke

To own a Mau is to never be without a friend...

UK & Imp Gr Pr Santillo Feromeses Mercury & Gr Ch Newkingdom Aziza 2008
Kneazle & Aziza in their pen, now beautiful and mature cats May 2010
Welcome to our website - Accio Egyptian Maus which is currently still being fiddled with a little bit!

Kitten News

We have no kittens at present, although one of our queens has just come back from stud and our youngest Storm will go to stud at the end of this month. Keep checking back therefore - there may be kitten news soon - if the girls are pregnant they'll give birth from mid August (2014)

Kittens do not leave us until they are at least 14 weeks old and have been fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and had at least 2 health checks from our vet. They are also fully GCCF registered and come with a 5 generation pedigree, four weeks insurance, our Kitten Guide, sampled of food, litter, a year's free membership to the Egyptian Mau Club, a couple of their toys and a soft fleecy blanket. They will also have been given proprietary flea and worm treatment.
We have also signed up to the new GCCF Breeder Scheme, which has an enhanced code of ethics to which all members must adhere and which can be found at:-



UK & Imperial Grand Premier Santillo Feromese Mercury

Kneazle studio shot!!
Grand Premier Accio Severus Smoke

Doodles with our pen as a backdrop!
Master Cat Samsonite

Sam as a kitten. His mum is Aziza's daughter Penny and his father UK & Gr Adfursh Sohbek. Sam is shown as a Pedigree Pet at GCCF shows, and is currently the first and only Classic Patterned Mau who holds a GCCF Title - that of Mastercat!

As well as sharing our home with Kneazle, Sev and Sam, we also have Aziza, Penny Storm and Whisper (our stripy Household Pet) and a small parrot Zag.

We are members of both the Egyptian Mau Society and the Egyptian Mau Club. That's all the news we have for now, therefore we're afraid it's very much the case of watch this space. Please call back later or mail us on

Keeble76@btinternet.com of you'd like any further information.

Thank you.

Bob & Georgina

Georgina is also one of the Administrators and project designers of the GCCF's own Young Exhibitor Scheme, designed to encourage young people to know more about their cats and learn to show them. More details about YES! can be found at the following link www.gccf-yes.co.uk. Georgina is also a qualified GCCF Steward and is training to be a Show Manager with the Coventry & Leicester and Hertfordshire & Middlesex Cat Clubs.

Last Update 18.06.2014

Members of the Egyptian Mau Society and Egyptian Mau Club

We are located at:




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Members of the Egyptian Mau Society and Egyptian Mau Club